Wednesday, December 06, 2006

winter garlic

garlic sprouts close up garlic sprouts - dec 6
It seems like spring watching my garlic grow.

garlic (Allium sativum)


G'pa Bob said...

Hi Skippy's friend,
Your garlic looks just like mine as do your beets and carrots.

I had a great garlic crop this year but did not get it all back in the ground in September so will have to plant next spring. We eat some but I mostly use it to keep slugs and bugs away - we shall see.

I have been digging up my chard. I planted too much. I know from last year that it will start by itself early next spring. I am going to harvest some then and see how it tastes.


Wendy said...

So garlic grows in the winter? And if the ground is frozen, how do you dig it up? Or do you do this in the spring? I'll keep reading. Maybe the answer will appear. I'm only on December of 2006. :-)