Sunday, December 17, 2006

green parsley

parsley on dec 17th parsley2
My parsley is another plant that is doing just fine at the end of December. I have given up on covering it.


Anonymous said...

My parsley is also still doing fine, but I think with the first solid frost it will be all over. We are still waiting for our first frost here in Amsterdam! It's been really warm this year.

Parsley is one of those plants that will go to seed in the spring, and is easy to collect seeds from. It won't cross pollinate with anything.

kathy said...

Our temperatures have gone very low and the parsley is just fine. At least 28F or so for several nights. Warm now. Boston also is having a warm (and wet) fall.

I don't like to grow seeds inside in pots. But I'll try planting the seeds directly into the garden.