Sunday, September 10, 2006

Squash profusion

I'm not sure what's going on here. This is the growing tip of one of my yellow squash vines.
Looks like about 50 thousand little female squash buds all squished together. Kind of overboard it seems.

topic: yellow squash


Loretta said...

How cool and amazing- some sort of spontaneous genetic mutation?

kathy said...

I suppose that would be my guess too.

kathy said...

In thinking about it more and reading abit, I think its a nutrient issue. I did add super-phosphate earlier this summer when I had so many male blossoms because I think I read that phosphate availability affects blossom ratio. Also, this plant is quite large - much bigger than my normal-looking plants - and I have read that female blossoms correlate with the size of the plant. Its also starting to get the ususal end-of-the-season stem borers and root problems, which may affect nutrient absorption. It would be nice to understand it because I had only male blossoms for sooo long this summer. In any case, if the fruit sets, I'll have alot of squash this fall!