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Monday, October 10, 2016

garlic sources for planting

I've been asked me where I buy garlic and for other sources so I thought I'd post this list again. I posted it last October too.

Here's the list of garlic seed sources that people have recommended in response to my post a few days ago. They look awesome! I can't wait to try out some. If you have a source you like, let me know and I'll add it.

Pacific Northwest: Filaree Garlic Farm - So many! This source was seconded and thirded! Washington State Adaptive Seeds: Good selection, also grey shallots, free shipping over $50. Oregon Territorial Seeds: Oregon

Colorado: The Garlic Store Potato Garden

New England: Fedco bulbs division: Maine. Ordering deadline is early September. High Mowing Organic Seeds: Vermont Green Mountain Garlic: Vermont

Everywhere: A garlic festival: Four are in the New England/New York area Local farmer's market: no shipping charge, varieties that do well in your area Costco: Bulbs from California

I have to add that it's a good investment to buy good garlic seed. I replant my cloves for many years. About 10% of my harvest, my biggest heads, get replanted every year. I've gone 10 years without buying garlic, just replanting my own. Occasionally there's a bad crop (like I had two years ago) and I have to buy more. So starting with good healthy seed garlic gets you off to a good start. E

And every year you replant your best garlic you are selecting seed that is best for your garden and developing a strain of garlic that is best suited to your growing conditions.

I am planing to plant my garlic this weekend. This year - with LOTS of compost! So I don't get another harvest of tiny little heads. (Lots of compost like my Mom's garlic bed. You should see how big her heads are!)



Blogger Amy said...

I love reading your gardening updates and I hope to be producing as much of our food as you do at some point. My gardening ventures haven't amounted to much yet but I've got some beds ready for the spring and hope that next year will a big year. I almost bought garlic from a grower for $12 a quarter pound but my gardening budget hasn't had a chance recover from the summer yet. So, instead I decided to buy garlic from a local farmer and try replanting it as I read that you can do this. I got 1.5 pounds for $12. I figured that's it worth a try!

October 29, 2016 3:34 PM


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