Thursday, August 15, 2019

arial garden photos

A drone pilot came by my yard and took some photos of my garden. Its wonderful to see my favorite spot from a different angle.





Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! I love to see different vegetable garden designs. It helps to give me different ideas.

I am going to be redesigning my garden area soon so I looking for ideas on what to use for the pathways. I was thinking of using decomposed granite but I'm not sure.

Tell me. What do you use in between the garden beds in the pathways? Did you use mulch, pea stone, or something else?

kathy said...

This is just fresh wood chips. A nice relatively inexpensive pathway cover. I didn't put anything under it - no landscape fabric. Though you can do that, newspaper, fabric or other to help block weeds. Fabric blocks weeds better but then once you get weeds coming through they're harder to pull out. Anyway, I got off topic - wood chips.

alice said...

It IS nice to see your garden from above!! I remember you used to do seasonal pictures from above when you lived in Belmont. Beautiful garden!