Wednesday, April 03, 2019

more baby chick pictures

chicks DSC00759b
chicks DSC00735b

I bought a batch of 15 mixed layers from McMurray Hatchery. They say they are a mix of at least 5 good laying types plus one exotic layer. I can see that the single fancy bird is silver and has very pretty feathers. I don't know any of the breeds. If anyone can tell the breed from looking at a chick and you recognize any of these - let me know!!

They are two days old now and are being very good. There was one chick who kept pecking other chicks' eyes yesterday. (She the black blur in the left front of the bottom photo.) Over and over. She spent the night in solitary (the shipping box under the light). She's being good today.

Then there is one very tiny bird that I'm hoping will thrive. (She's that buff one at the upper right of the bottom photo.) She has a hard time pushing her way in to the food. I'm spreading crumbles now and then to see if that helps. In have both of my red heat lights over the crate now my to keep the temperature up at 95 degrees for a week. Next week when they are OK at 85 I can separate any tiny birds and move the second light to a smaller crate.

My plan is to only keep 4 or 5 of the chicks. I have one adult hen laying in my coop outside (with another adult that I am overwintering for someone else). I should limit myself to 4 and 5 is pretty full for my small coop. Five others have been spoken for. If you're local to Lincoln MA and want any let me know. I'll advertise on Craig's list at some point.

Charley is very interested in watching the chicks, Suzie less so. Charley always follows me to go check on them. The chicks are in a very secure crate!


Joe said...

Is the one you're holding in the first picture an americauna? Pattern looks right, although the coloring is a bit dark.

We just got our first chicks a few weeks ago. We got them at a local farm store. I'm not very confident the breeds we supposedly got are correct. The young employee who was helping us out--though very kind and helpful--didn't really know that much about the different breeds, and the store had mixed similar looking breeds in the same tubs. As long as we get eggs, though, I'm not too worried about which breeds they are.

pq said...

Aw! They so cute! I would already have named each one, making it impossible to give any away.

Anonymous said...

I gave 5 of the chicks away at 2 days old. To a guy buying them for his daughter. He knew more about raising chicks than me. It was really sweet. I gave them to him in their original box. I bet his daughter will love them.

Anonymous said...

Another 5 will go to another new home tomorrow. The problem is that I would like to keep 6, but only gave room for probably 4. 🙁 I’ll figure out which 5 I can part with. 🙁 then I’ll probably have to give away 1 or 2 more when they are 15 weeks old or so. Pullets about to start laying. They are all cuter by the day.