Monday, July 24, 2017

indoor gardening on a rainy summer day

A dreary, rainy day here. Cool for us (upper 50's). I missed getting outside to work and having sunshine. But I know my gardens loved the rain. We got just under an inch of rain - a steady all-day rain.

Instead of outdoor gardening, I "gardened" inside.

- I've been meaning to clean out and organize my little room off the garage that I use for indoor gardening, honey, canning, and root cellar. It's all organized now.

- I also planted a tray of fall greens. They are listed on my 2017 planting list (the link is on my on side bar). Lots of lettuce, arugula, broccoli, napa, and escarole.

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kathy said...

The darn chipmunks dug up my newly planted seeds last night. I left the tray where they could reach them. I moved it to my safe spot - the top of the metal grill - today. I'll see what comes up and replant whatever is missing next week. It's a pretty common problem for me this year. I used to get mad about it.