Friday, July 28, 2017

garlic envy

I visited my Mom 's garden yesterday. I weeded her paths dense with purslane and grasses. I fertilized her tomatoes and squashes, pulled her spent pea vines, and gave Charley a bunch of old broccoli stems and a few last peas to eat.

I also pulled my Mom's ripe garlic. I had serious garlic envy last year. My heads were so small, hers were nice, and I vowed to work on my soil to get heads as big as hers. A week ago I finished pulling my garlic and it is much bigger than last year's. I was pleased. But yesterday, head after head, I pulled my Mom's and it's amazing. Even bigger than it was last year and definitely bigger than mine. ---- So I still have garlic envy. And will vow another year to work on my soil.


Anonymous said...

love home grown garlic
we have a farm stand that sells theirs for $10.00/lb.

kathy said...

I have usually seen garlic sold by the head. About 75 cents or one dollar a head. Home grown or local farmers market garlic is the best.

Chrissy said...

How and with what do you fertilize the tomatoes and squashes?

kathy said...

I use plant-tone. I just sprinkle it on the soil near the plants and water it in. I like to use a fish emulsion too.

In areas of my mom's garden where I had put in a lot of compost, nothing needed fertilizer. But the tomatoes and squashes were at an end that didn't get much compost.