Tuesday, April 04, 2017

me and my new bees


Actually, it's not so easy to get a selfie with a new bee package. iPhone's don't work so well wearing leather bee gloves. But the bees did pose well I thought. They are very sweet bees. Once they take up residence and start protecting their hive, I won't do selfies with them.


David said...

Ah look at all the great girls. Wishing you better luck this year!

Anonymous said...

I just installed three bee packages in my hives from dead-outs this winter. I got my bees from nebees this year but usually get them from crystal bee supply.

Did you get your bees from crystal bee supply?

kathy said...

I got mine from NE bees. I always get them there.

Anonymous said...

I find Rick at NE bees very informative and if you have a need for a queen he's a good source from March to August.

Vin and Jan at Crystal bee in Peabody, MA is another option I learned at the Topsfield Bee Keeping class. I've been getting bees from them since 2011 but this year I couldn't justify the price increase so went to NE bees.

Thanks for the info!