Sunday, February 12, 2017

app updates

I've been working on updates to Skippy's Calendar apps. It's really fun - like imagining a summer garden in the middle of winter! We'll have more plants and more seed sowing information added to both our Flower & Herb app and our Vegetable app. Updates will be available in a week or two (or three) to all purchases made now or later.


Matt said...

I love this method. Believe me, as someone who is completely unorganized, this method looks easy enough to accomplish. Stay tuned! It'll be my project tomorrow. - Happy Sowing! Matt

Unknown said...

Love your app! Passed it on to a friend with an Android device--saw it in the Canadian Google Play store but not US? Is that coming?

Unknown said...

Love your app--passed it on to a friend with an Android device but not available in US? Saw it in the Canadian store--any timeframe for the US?