Thursday, December 31, 2015

how are you planning your next vegetable garden?

We need a new poll!

I just got the MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) Newsletter and their top item today is about garden planning software. They site this link for 10 Best Vegetable Garden Software of 2016. Except when you get to the link, it says it was last updated in 2011. Five years ago!!

I wrote to MOFGA, Jean wrote back immediately! and we agree, we need a new review of Planning Software. So, how do you do your garden planning?

Me: I like to use paper and tracing paper. I trace last year's garden, then move around my crop locations. I erase and rewrite. And think about it. Then I make my final draft. Which is never final, because I'll think of something to change. Software is fun to use. Sometimes I use PowerPoint, only because it's on my computer for my business. I can make lots of edits with this. But I like my hand drawings better.

So, two questions, First: Do you use Garden Planning Software? Please use this poll
Do you use Garden Planning Software?
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Second: Have you tried any Garden Planning Software recently? Please leave me a comment and let me know. Maybe Mother Earth News and Grow Veg? I'll put together another poll soon to see what software the readers of this blog like to use.

And, by the way, Happy New Year!


Julie D said...

I've used Gardeners kitchen garden planner for 4 or 5 years now. I like it because it's so simple and easy to use, and easy to move things around as you please. But it doesn't seem to be working currently :( I may need to email them to see if it's going to work this year, or else I'll need to find some other way to plan my garden!

wvhiker said...

I've played around with a planner once but I honestly don't see a need for it. I know my raised beds and field layout and what I planted where before so I use graph paper and pencil in what I plan on going where. Makes changes easier when I go out and review what I plan on. I can make changes on the spot. PLanners may be nifty, especially if you have a large growing area but for my scale it would seem more work.

Anonymous said...

I have spent the last few rainy days here planning a large garden.
Hope this helps, good luck from Texas!!!

admin said...

I tried Grow Veg about 2 years ago after being paper pencil and although it was a neat visual, handy to figure out spacing, and seemed to work fantastically, I found that I missed paper pencil and went back. After being a disorganized record keeper the whole experiment with the software did inspire me to finally created a garden "binder" where I plan on keeping things much like a journal year after year--that this style of garden planning appeals to me should be no surprise to anyone since I am someone who grows 90% heirloom and am working on living off grid. I can see where it would be very useful and suit other gardeners well and think it's a wonderful tool to have out there. I just like the idea of 20 years from now being able to flip back and see my own drawings and handwriting on a particular garden plan:-)

Anonymous said...

I have a scale drawing of all my gardens plots on graph paper, which I scanned. I print and use several each year, for planning, noting ammendments, summer and winter gardening etc. Three hole punched, dated and saved in a notebook, which gives me deep geeky satisfaction.

Teamshrink said...

I tried and found it very helpful in planning my raised beds.

Richard Lewis said...

I created a online garden planner called vegplotter ( ). It is free to use, has all the features you'd expect, and works on computer, tablet and smartphones so you can use / refer to it from the garden.

I would love know what you think of it?