Wednesday, December 16, 2015

app reviews please :-)

We could really use some reviews of our seed planting app. For any one who used it last year, could you give it a brief review? Here's the preview link: Click "Open in iTunes" and then click "Reviews". Thanks!

Here are reviews a few gardeners left for us last year, but they didn't post them to the Apple Store.

"Thanks for the nifty app! " - MIchaeldg
"Love the simplicity... Very easy to use... very useful" - Mayhew
"It is a wonderful app....I will be able to carry it with me to the garden without printing out my garden plan. I especially love the transplanting calendar because most books and seed packet instructions do not tell you when to transplant. - Nancy

BTW - We are making a bunch of upgrades this month for release in January - just in time for 2016 seed planting! Let us know what upgrades you would like.


Amanda said...

Writing a review now! I found your app super helpful this year. One improvement I can think of is to allow manual crop entry for things that aren't in the list already. You could take the name, the weeks before/after frost to sow, and whether it should be started inside or direct sown and then it could be displayed on the calendar with everything else. There were some flowers I wanted to start that weren't in the app already and it would be nice to have everything in one place, even if I have to do a little manual data entry. Thanks! :)

kathy said...

Thank you Amanda!!

We are putting together over 50 flowers and also 20 or so herbs. I'm real excited about this. The Flower & Herb app will be in a separate app as we are thinking it would be confusing to have them with the vegetables and some people might not want one or the other. We'll see how that goes. It will be ready in January.

Manual entry is also a real good suggestion. For now, it's easier for us to add it for you. It means restructuring the code for us to allow manual entry. So let us know what plants you want us to add!

Of course, there will always be that one plant that comes up that's not in there and you really want, so we will keep manual entry on our to-do list. Thanks!!!

Lilac Hill said...

I just dowloaded the app and look forward to the increased functionality over the paper outline.