Tuesday, April 29, 2014

farewell the non-organic AdSense

OK, looks likes it's time to shut down AdSense on my side bar. I opened up my blog tonight and saw an advertisement advocating the use of Round-up to kill weeds before laying down mulch. That's not even semi organic or half sustainable.

Its a lazy gardening approach that could result in poison run off into wetlands, accumulation in soils, and, frankly, costs more than just mulching properly. I mean, its really easy to lay newspaper or cardboard as a barrier under mulch if you want to eliminate weeds. Today I laid a thick layer of salt marsh hay in my garden paths - this will stop most weeds. I'll probably need to pull a few weeds now and then (on a bright sunny morning with the birds singing...maybe I'll find some dill or borage "weeds" that I'll transplant, weeding is half the fun of gardening...)

It's too bad to shut down AdSense as I liked the panels of garden-related (thought sometimes distantly related, or not related) topics on the ad bar. They added some extra color and variety to the format I thought. ...Hormel cheese dip, potting soil and landscaping services.... And the content changes regularly with almost no work for me. But, they aren't organic. Oh well. Goodbye AdSense. It will take me some time to remove and replace.


Ralph said...

Good decision, especially since a large body of water is right near your garden.

kathy said...


BTW, I saw a river otter playing in the pond yesterday. Several vocal Canada geese pairs are out there with the peepers. I wonder if the geese will nest. I've been told there are too many big snapping turtles for goslings or ducklings.

Marian (LondonUK) said...

How wonderful to have an Otter playing at the end of your garden. My nature excitement Wednesday was a platoon of ants investigating the conservatory, there is nothing of interest for them in there, so I just let them scout about and next day they were gone.
Marian (London UK)