Saturday, February 08, 2014

2014 planting list

January (inside under lights)
Sweet Potatoes

February 8 (inside under lights)
Onion, Frontier
Onion, Pontiac
Onion, Walla Walla Sweet
Onion, White Wing
Shallot, Prisma

March 8 (inside under lights)
(Note: Many of these I mixed together to get more variety of fewer plants.) Parsley, Single Italian
Pepper, Canary Bell (note: peppers need to be 75*F+ to germinate)
Pepper, Sweet Yellow
Chili, Thai Hot
Chili, mix of Tepin, Jalpeno, Anaheim
Broccoli, Romanesco
Broccoli, Cook's Super Blend Hybrid
Broccoli, Diplomat
Eggplant, Kamo
Eggplant, Calliope F1
Escarole, Broadleaf Batavian
Escarole, Natacha
Endive, Dubuisson
Endive, Tres Fine Maraichere Olesh
Lettuce, Butterhead Sylvestra MT0
Lettuce, Butterhead Red Cross
Lettuce, Butterhead Skyphos
Lettuce, Prizehead
Lettuce, Oak Leaf Blend
Greens, Johnny's Elegance Greens Mix
Greens, Kyoto Mizuna
Kale, Blue curled scotch
Tomato, Red Siberian (note: I planted just a few very early tomatoes)
Tomato, Orange Blossom
Tomato, Pink Beauty


Anonymous said...

This is my favorite part of your blog. I hope you continue to update this list.

kathy said...

I will. I use this list as a reference a lot too.

My onion seedlings are doing great. Not sure I can wait til March 8 when I'm scheduled to plant the next batch of seedlings. I may jump the gun and plant soon. I have a big pile of broccoli, lettuce and eggplant seeds waiting.

pam_chesbay said...

Hi Kathy - Agree with previous poster re your diagrams. I'm looking for directions about how to use PowerPoint to make these diagrams. Love your planting lists too - always give ideas about new varieties to try. Last year's discoveries were Chard 'Bionda di Lyon' and Chinese cabbage 'Wong Bok.' Both were remarkable producers and huge hits. Thank you!

alberto said...

I have started many of the same types of seeds but I am doing them under no light just on the shelves of my growing racks. Is it better to have the lights on?

kathy said...

Hi Pam, Do you have PowerPoint? Its a very flexible drawing software and once you know how to use it, its pretty straight forward to make garden diagrams.

Alberto, Light is definitely needed after the seedlings sprout. Put the racks in a very bright window or use fluorescent lights placed as close to the trays as you can.

alberto said...

Sorry I meant is light needed to sprout. I always put them under lights afterwards. I just wanted to see if you had an advantage sprouting under light.

kathy said...

I turn the lights on after I see sprouts coming up.

Unknown said...

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