Tuesday, November 07, 2006

still more garden tomatoes

I haven't bought a tomato since the end of July! Looks like my 18 tomato plants produced 4 months of tomatoes. At two a night, that's alot of tomatoes.

I've almost forgotten what the styrofoam grocery store tomatoes taste like. Last night we ate a nice yellow Brandywine that I picked green a month ago.

I am surprised at how many of my green tomatoes, picked October 13, have ripened. The box was full then of mostly green tomatoes. Only a dozen are still green. Though I was planning to transfer the tomatoes to smaller containers so they wouldn't squish each other, and cover them with paper bags, I didn't do either. I just stuck the boxful on the basement floor and brought the reddest ones upstairs when I needed more.

Solanum lycopersicum


Anonymous said...

I put in my tomatoes last week for our winter season. I am hoping to do as well as you did.

kathy said...

Happy gardening! You must be a southern gardener.

Leslie said...

Hi Skippy's Dad ! I have been reading you since late summer and love the "aerial" shots of your garden. It was at your suggestion that I too brought in my tomatoes in mid- October and have been enjoying them ever since. Great blog full of veggies!