Sunday, July 23, 2006

Northshore garden

This is the most fantastic home garden I have seen. It is in Essex County, north of Boston (zone 5b). Tucked away in a backyard. Impecably tended. Enormous plants. Incredibly rich soil. From the right end of the garden: blueberries, red raspberries, potatoes, garlic, chard, basil, tomatoes (Big Girl, San Marzano, Brandywine), peppers, squashes, corn, tomatillos and horseradish. The blue tarp covers a pile of salt marsh hay, which has been used to mulch the garden. The tomato plants are 6 ft tall now and heavy with tomatoes - maybe 15-20 per plant. The gardener said that he expects the first ripe tomatoes in about two weeks. This week he is planting a long double row of endive.

Solanum lycopersicum


Anonymous said...

What system is supporting the tomatoes?

Anonymous said...

sorry! I know this is an older post. It's been a lazy saturday since all the kids' sports and school stuff is over. zi have luxuriating in garden stuff all day!

I am the galloway cow farm neighbor who posted a comment after your cocktail party pictures. You mentioned family in town, and I am wondering if this is their garden. I have not yet been on a town garden tour but have seen a few doozies from the roads. I am amazed at the trellises in this one. One of my best friends in town was also at the cow farm party, she's in the town garden club and has encouraged me to join. I wish I had more time for things like clubs and meetings. Maybe another year.

I admit I am dying to know where these vegetable growing rock stars are in town. I am sure I would just flip with envy to see it up close.