This is a journal of my vegetable gardens. Skippy was my first dog and he thought the garden was his, even though I did all the work. But Skippy always stood by me and was a great friend. Now Suzie and Charley follow in his footsteps and garden with me. We're located near Boston (USDA zone 6A). I have a community plot, a backyard vegetable garden, fruit trees and berry bushes, chickens and bees. I use sustainable organic methods and do my best to grow all of my family's vegetables myself.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

2017 seed sowing

Here's my 2017 planting list that I'll add to as I continue to plant. I'm noting in () the season the seeds were sold for. I'll mark if they germinated for me. I plant a lot of different varieties but the amounts of each are small and I risk no germination for many by planting old seeds until they don't germinate. Everything is at 70 degrees F for germination and growing this year, except the peppers that will go at 78 degrees F for germination.

February 23, Indoors under lights

Onions, Stuttgarter (2017)
Onions, Ailsa Craig (2017)
Onions, Pontiac (2017)
Onions, Red Wethersfield (2017)
Onions, Walla Walla (2013) --failed
Onions, White Wing (2012) --failed
Onions, Purplette (2009) --failed
Bunching Onions, Nabechan (2015)
Bunching Onions, Guardsman (2011) --failed
Leeks, Giant Musselberg (2017)
Leeks, Bandit (2014)
Celeriac, Brilliant (2017)

March 5, Indoors under lights
Arugula, Rucola (2012)
Arugula, Rucola (2008) --failed
Arugula, Selvatica (2013) --poor
Arugula, Myway (2013)
Cabbage, Napa, Mini Kisaku 50 (2011)
Cabbage, Savoy, Alcosa (2009) --poor
Cabbage, Red Express (2017)
Cabbage, Green, Murdoc (2016)
Endive, Dubuisson (2013)
Escarole, Natacha (2012) --poor
Escarole, Natacha (2017) --poor
Escarole, Galia (2013) --failed
Herbs, Parsley, Dark Green Italian Plain (2014)
Herbs, Thyme, Creeping (2016) --waiting
Flowers, Hollyhock, Single Mix (2016)
Flowers, Ageratum, Tall Blue Planet (2017)
Flowers, Liatrus (1016) --waiting
Mustard Greens, Scarlet Frill (2016)
Radicchio, Perseo (2016) --failed
Radicchio, Chioggia Red Preco #1 (2011) --poor
Shallot, Zebrune (2017)
Spinach, Emperor (2017)

March 13, Indoors under lights
Basil, Superbo (2017)
Basil, Eleonora (2015)
Beets, Red Ace (2016)
Beets, Chioggia Guardsman (2015)
Beets, Merlin (2014)
Endive, Broad-Leaf Batavian (2017) --failed
Eggplant, Hansel (2017)
Eggplant Mitoyo (2017) --waiting
Eggplant Barbarella (2017)
Flowers, Marigold, Queen Sophia (2015)
Flowers, Marigold, Cottage Red (2016) --poor
Flowers, Marigold, Judy's Giant (hand collected for 2017) --poor
Flowers, Marigold, Gem Mix (2017)
Herbs, Parsley, Italian Large Flat Leaf (2017)
Herbs, Summer Savory (2017)
Herbs, Creeping Thyme (2015) --waiting
Kale, mixed in one pot: Vates (2015), Toscano (2016), Nash's Green (2016)
- Note: I'm starting lettuce a couple weeks early for my winter tunnel.
Lettuce, Bibb Green, Winter Density (2011)
Lettuce, Bibb Red, Rhazes (2107)
Lettuce, Butterhead Green, Buttercrunch (2016)
Lettuce, Butterhead Red, Skyphos (2013) --failed
Lettuce, Butterhead Red, Avicenna (2015) --failed
Lettuce, Butterhead Red, Speckles (2016)
Lettuce, Iceberg, Ice Queen (2016) --poor
Lettuce, Looseleaf Red, Red Sails (2016)
Lettuce, Oakleaf Red, Danyelle (2016)
Lettuce, Romaine Green, Ridgeline (2017)
Lettuce, Romaine Green, Monte Carlo (2017)
Lettuce, Romaine Red, Rouge d'Hiver (2009) --failed
Lettuce, Romaine Red, Truchas (2015)
Greens, Elegance mix (2010)
Onions, Early Yellow Sweet Spanish (2017)
Peppers, Ancho 211 (2015) --waiting
Peppers, Joes Long Cayenne (2017) --waiting
Peppers, Jalapeno (2107) --waiting
Peppers, Anaheim (2017) --waiting
Peppers, Poblano (2017) --waiting
Peppers, Numex Joe E Parker (2015) --waiting
Peppers, Leutschauer Paprika (2017) --waiting
Peppers, Canary Bell (2017) --waiting
Peppers, King of the North (2016) --waiting
Peppers, Ace (2015) --waiting
Peppers, Thai Hot (hand collected for 2015) --waiting

(last updated: 3-22-17)



Blogger chris said...

so i noticed that you had some of your onion seeds fail and that you then replanted a new set of onion seeds... is it still not too late for that? i was under the impression that it was according to your planting app and so i had not attempted to plant any onion seeds when i discovered i had run late on them. i have approx. the same last frost date as you (i'm in walpole, ma.) this would have been my first year planting onion seed rather then using store bought onion starts. could you explain your thinking on that a little? so curious! and thank you as always for sharing!

March 14, 2017 7:50 PM

Blogger CHRIS said...

i noticed you replanted some onion after having some failed seed... i'm wondering what your thinking on that is since onion seed is new to me and i was was under the impression that it was too late to start onions in our shared planting zone... i'd love to be wrong! i have all these lovely onion seeds yet i thought i had missed my chance and was literally about to order onion starts in the next few days!
(and i need to excuse the possible double of this post... the first time i started typing, my post suddenly disappeared and i wasn't sure if it would get posted or not... sorry!)

March 14, 2017 8:01 PM

Blogger kathy said...

HI Chris, You're probably right. I usually plant onions 11 weeks before the last frost but on March 13, only 7 weeks before last frost, I planted some sweet Spanish onions. I wasn't thinking and I was wishing I had planted a sweet onion. Then I saw the seeds at the store and .... I guess I'll find out what happens. I don't know.

During the early part of an onion's life, it forms new leaves and makes them bigger. Each leaf become a layer of the bulb, so the more leaves and the bigger the leaves the bigger the onion. Then in late May at the latitude Boston is at, the long day length triggers onions to stop working on their leaves and enlarge their bulb. So I have a fairly short window to encourage my late seedlings to grow lots of big leaves.

So I think the answer is, I'll have smaller onions since I planted them late. I'll try to baby them with lots of fertilizer and water before the end of May.

Thanks for pointing this out for me.

March 15, 2017 3:50 PM

Blogger kathy said...

And yes, I think you should go for some sets. Maybe plant a few seeds and see how they do. Otherwise save the seeds for next year.

March 15, 2017 3:53 PM

Blogger CHRIS said...

hi kathy. thanks for all the info! onions are really fascinating! i had no idea about the leaves/layers thing you mentioned! wow. and thanks for the advice... i'm going to do as you said and plant some onion seed and see what happens but also plan to get some sets too... small onions are ok with me since i'm really curious about the types of seeds i bought anyway... especially if the rest end up still having time to become full size by using sets... i just wasn't sure if i even had time to get small onions from seeds at this point since i've never grown onion before! thanks for explaining! and thanks again for getting back to me :)

March 16, 2017 3:08 PM


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