Saturday, April 07, 2018

hoop greenhouse construction

We're building a hoop house today!! It will be 10x12 ft and will go in the backyard, unheated, and should hold lots of seedling trays. It will be a temporary, spring-only structure to give extra space during April and May. Today is a chilly wet day, so we are enjoying this as an garage project for now. We bent the first hoop and it looks good. So far, so good!!



Anonymous said...

Are the dogs helping?

Phuong said...

Looks like exciting work. Does it still get really cold in May for you? I've lived in Boise where it's usually safe to plant after Mother's Day but there's been instances where we got snow in June.

kathy said...

The dogs are not really helping.... but they're being good and not getting in the way.

May is nice here. Sometimes I can plant May 1. Certainly by May 10 we are done with frosts. I'm planning to plant warm weather crops May 10 - tomatoes, peppers, squashes, etc.

My sister is in Boseman MT and your weather sounds like hers. She has to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse because they can get snow, hail, sleet, etc into June.