Sunday, April 01, 2018

easter eggs

easter eggs IMG_2059

My chickens did a great job and laid all colors of eggs. I don't need to dye them for the Easter basket! White, brown speckled, blue, and green. I boiled up a half dozen for deviled egg Easter appetizers. I'll put them on a platter with my garden arugula.


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have your sweet peas come up yet??

kathy said...

My sweet peas are about 1 inch tall now. I have 21 sprouts. I’m waiting on 8 unsprouted potted seeds. I threw out about 4 or 5 seeds before potting so I guess the packet had about 30 seeds.

I guess my next step is to pinch the seedlings at 3 inches. That will be a couple days yet. I had them put side, but brought them in yesterday since it’s so cold. 23F last night!!

I also have 17 6-packs of Oregon Giant snow peas popping up (for my garden) and 12 6-packs of Sugar Snap peas for my mom.

Anonymous said...

pinch your sweet peas after they have 3 or 4 sets of true leaves... they will branch at each leaf node...nw organic gardener