Friday, March 02, 2018

sowing seeds on a stormy day

It's pretty stormy here. Our road is blocked at both ends by downed trees and wires and our power has been out all day. In addition to tending my little onion shoots, I planted my next batch of seeds a couple days early:

Beets, Boro and Detroit Dark Red
Eggplant, Orient Express, Hansel, and Barbarella
Basil, Tuscany
Marigold, Giant African, Mission Giant Yellow, Tangerine Gem, Gem Mix, Cottage Red
Pepper, Highlander, Shishito, Ace, Red Rocket, and Red Ember
Snapdragon, Tall Deluxe Mix
Chamomile, Common
Lemon Mint

The rest of my sowing list is here: 2018 Planting Progress.


Chrissy said...

Very, very stormy here in Marion on Buzzards Bay, although we are protected by trees. 45 mph gust just awhile ago. So I have been sorting my seed packets to take my mind off the roar of the wind and wonder where you got the expanding envelopes and plastic bin. I have been using shoe boxes and feel as if I should graduate to something more suitable. Hope you get your power back on soon.

kathy said...

Oh my! Buzzards Bay must be right in the middle of the storm.

I bought my seed storage folders and box at Staples. Hopefully there is a cheaper solution somewhere else, but Staples is convenient. the expanding folders were as I remember maybe a package $2 each, i have 15. My box is about 14 x 17 inches and fits the folders perfectly with a nice cover.

Power still out. We have a nice generator. In our town, its a requirement. "Leafy Lincoln" Nobody cuts down a tree here.

kathy said...

The storm's over. Our power just came back on. Last night, trees and wires were down blocking all 3 ways to enter my road. I ended up driving under yellow caution tape in one area and picking my way around the branches and wires. But everything is put back together now. No damage to my yard or gardens.