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Sunday, June 28, 2015

new compost bins

compost bins IMG_2172

About a month ago, my husband made me a pair of new compost bins. They are beautiful!! A big improvement over the 5 little round plastic ones I had before.

The photos show how he made them. Slats are spaced 1 inch. The front panel sits in a slot at the bottom and it then held in place with a removable screw and bolt. In the spring, I will remove the front panels to turn and use the compost. A really nice feature is that he made a step on the side of each so I can get up inside easier if I need to retrieve something or compress the compost.

IMG_2675IMG_2685 IMG_2681 IMG_2702IMG_2705 IMG_2706IMG_2694



Anonymous Ralph said...

Good design, well executed.

Since I had old wooden stakes and wire mesh fencing sections lying around, I drilled ground holes using a power augur to seat the stakes firmly and stapled the fencing sections in place around them.

The result was long rectangles having dimensions of an Indore Pile, see

July 02, 2015 7:31 AM


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