This is a journal of my vegetable gardens. Skippy was my first dog and he thought the garden was his, even though I did all the work. Now Suzie and Charley follow in his footsteps. We're located near Boston (USDA zone 6A). I have a community plot, a backyard vegetable garden, fruit trees, berry bushes, chickens, and bees. I use sustainable organic methods and do my best to grow all of my family's vegetables myself.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

what happened to this Romanesco cauliflower?

cauliflower Veronica IMG_0075 What happened to my mom's Romanesco cauliflower Veronica? It grew into a giant plant and now it has leaves between each floret. We've never grown this before.


Blogger Lady of LaMancha said...

Just happened across your blog and was pleasantly surprised! I especially love the ability to generate vegetable planting calendar adapted to my zone (8b, Toledo, Spain). Can't wait to try it out!

Now that I've found your blog, I'll be visiting more often because it reminds me of home and my mother's garden in Marlborough, MA.

October 29, 2014 6:10 AM

Blogger kathy said...

HI Lady of LaMancha! Marlborough is not so far south of my garden. I love your yellow bird picture. -Kathy

October 29, 2014 10:46 AM

Anonymous Jennifer said...

Weird! Looks like a bunch of mini heads of romanesco instead of one. Reminds me of the kale/brussels sprout hybrid that came out this spring.

October 29, 2014 11:35 PM

Blogger Lady of LaMancha said...

The yellow bird is a chiffchaff, which are very common here. They're the kind of bird that tilt their head when looking at you, an expression that I love in birds.

Is your Skippy a labradoodle? I had a similar-looking cockapoo growing up.

October 31, 2014 11:14 AM


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