A journal of my home vegetable garden. Skippy thinks it's his garden, but I've been gardening here for 20 years. We're located near Boston (USDA zone 6). I have a big community garden plot and a small plot in my yard. I try to grow all of my family's vegetables using sustainable organic methods.

Monday, July 21, 2014

today's harvest

harvest 7-21-2014 I harvested a big bunch of dill for making pickles. I'm going to try this recipe: Blue Ribbon Dill Pickles. Or I might try this one: Bobby Flay Dill Pickles. Then again, maybe I'll do both as the first is for making lots of pickles to can, and the second is for a few fresh pickles. Yum, they sound good!

I haven't made pickles in very many years. I could use any advice. I have so many cucumbers this year, I'm sure I'll need to put up more.

This is the second half of my garlic harvest. Gardeners seem surprised I harvested it so early, but it was ready. (The bottom three pairs of leaves are brown or yellow and there are about 3 pairs of green ones left.) It was ready at the same time last year too. Maybe its my variety. (Also, I think it better to err on the early side than to risk rot or bugs getting into the cloves.) The variety I have is mostly 'Music' this year. Probably some 'Duganski' and other types too. I always save 10 nice cloves (biggest or most colorful) for planting next year's crop in the fall.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

today's harvest

harvest 7-20-2014



popcorn2 7-20-2014 My popcorn is looking good. Green and thick. My neighbor commented that she had never seen corn planted so closely. I suppose I plant everything a bit close. I think in a small bed it works because there is space at the edges. This corn is about 9 inches apart in the rows (8 or 9 plants in a 6 ft wide bed) and rows are 12 inches apart.
popcorn 7-20-2014 popcorn4 7-20-2014 No sign of tassels or ears yet. When I do get ears, I will spray their silks with spinosad (Captain Jack's Deadbug Spray) so corn ear worms don't get in it.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

today's harvest

harvest 9079 Time to make pickles!!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

my first tomatoes!!

first tomatoes of the season


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

an excerpt from Groundbreaking Food Gardens

Rustik Magazine has published an excerpt of the new book Groundbreaking Food Gardens on their website. The except is about my old garden - my shady urban garden! I can reminisce about all the fun I had there.

Here's the link: Rustik Magazine - Shady Backyard Garden


Friday, July 11, 2014

Suzie eats a bolted radicchio Yumm!

suzie 8902 suzie 8908 suzie 8907suzie 8905 Suzie loves to get the bolted greens from my garden. Shes a veggie eater! Today she had her favorite - a bolted radicchio. Yumm! (She's also very camera shy so its hard to get a clear picture of her.)


dragonfly 8898 Ahhh, summer. The air is warm, the garden smells sweet, fresh cut grass between my toes and dragonflies sunbathing on the fence.

the good, the bad and the ugly...... I am fighting garden pests

I have many crops doing great this year. At my community plot, where I have been gardening for about 7 years now, I have super potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and winter squash. Only minor problems there, including a few Colorado potato bugs that I have been controlling by hand picking and some minor squash borer damage that I'm sure the plants can outgrow. Late blight can be a problem at the large community garden with lots of tomatoes. Its been confirmed nearby (on Long Island) already,so I will start spraying my tomatoes there every 10 days with copper spray. The plants I'm growing are all late blight resistant, so fingers crossed it won't be a problem.

My new home garden has more issues, and more crops doing well. I have super greens, beets and carrots. The bok choy was amazing early in the season and snow peas are awesome. Popcorn, peppers and eggplants are coming along well. Basil is good, with only a bit of slug damage. I am spreading Sluggo and hope they will go away. The not so good are my broccoli, tomatoes and summer squash.

The broccoli problem is easy to figure out: caterpillars. I have both cabbage worms (from the white cabbage butterfly) and cross-striped cabbage worms. They showed up just as I was harvesting my early bok choy, so that crop had no worm damage. They are very hungry critters and have made a mess of my broccoli plants and are in the heads too. They are also eating my second crop of bok choy. I hand picked a few and mostly was hoping they just would go away on their own, rather than spray. But earlier this week I bought a bottle of spinosad (Captain Jack's Deadbug Spray) and gave them a dousing. I was impressed with how well it worked. The worms were all gone when I checked the plants the next day. I have since picked a few heads and they are worm-free. Spinosad is pretty strong spray and should only be used as a last resort. I hope it did not affect any of my beneficial insects.
cabbage worm on broccoli cross-striped cabbageworm on broccoli worm eaten broccoli

The summer squash problem I am trying to figure out. I have rot at the blossom end of young yellow squashes. I don't know if it is a lack of pollination (I see very few bees there), or blossom end rot due to poor calcium absorption. If its the latter, the problem may be soil pH. The pH is 6.3, calcium 1440 ppm (optimum calcium range 1000-1500 ppm). I read that the optimum pH to avoid blossom end rot should be 6.5-6.8. I will try adding some lime and see if it helps. I am also planting as many flowers around the bed as I can squeeze in hoping to attract more bees in case pollination is an issue. The flowers certainly can't hurt. summer squash with rot at blossom end

The problem that concerns me most is my tomatoes. They are growing tall and spindly with curled leaves. I really hoped for a great crop of tomatoes this year. I have 24 plants, all different types of heirlooms. They do have a few tomatoes forming on the plants, but the leaf curl is severe and the plants look terrible. I am thinking it is either a tomato virus (maybe transmitted by the white flies I noticed on the plants early in the season), or root damage as from roots going down into the soil below my raised bed. The test of this lower soil showed a pH of 5.9 and very low levels of nutrients P, K, Ca and Mg. I've been fertilizing regularly in hopes this will help. Unfortunately I think its probably a virus and there's nothing I can do about it. :-( curled tomato leaves curled tomato leaves 8703

Thursday, July 10, 2014

today's harvest

harvest 7-10-2014 harvest 7-10-2014


Monday, July 07, 2014

today's harvest

harvest 07-07-2014 My first cucumber, another pile of peas, broccoli, escarole and lettuce. It turned out the broccoli was full of worms and it went into the compost. Everything else was yummy.


Friday, July 04, 2014

today's harvest

harvest 07-04-2014


chickens out for a walk

my chickens The chickens are very happy with our summer weather and being able to go out and forage in the yard everyday, sometimes all day long. I let them out when I'm working in the yard. They've been really healthy and are laying well now - just over a dozen eggs a week from the three of them.

Earlier, they had a problem with soft shells, especially Bertha, my big white Brahma chicken. She would sometimes lay paper thin eggs, sometimes leathery shells that fell apart in the coop. So I added crushed oyster shells to their food and stopped giving them kitchen handouts. They all have nice solid shells now.


Monday, June 30, 2014

today's harvest

Copy of IMG_8678


Monday, June 16, 2014

bumper crop of bok choy

excess bok choy I harvested 16 heads of nice big bok choy today. Much more than I could eat, thought I do love bok choy. I washed it all, boxed it up and donated it to a local shelter for battered women. They were thrilled to get it. They varieties are both from seed from Johnny's. Win-win choy and Mei-qin.

win win choi Copy of IMG_8505


Thursday, June 12, 2014

vegetable garden by the pond

vegetable garden by the pond

Saturday, June 07, 2014

today's harvest

harvest 06-07-2014


Monday, May 26, 2014

garden work today

Nothing like a beautiful Memorial Day weekend for starting a new garden! My husband and I brought at least a dozen carts full if dirt and compost to my new raised garden beds. We hauled it down the hill form our driveway. All 8 of my new beds now have at least some soil in them. One we filled, and so I planted it - dahlias tubers at the back and then 6 rows of popcorn seeds. The seed package said how to protect from racoons. Oh my. I hadn't thought of this. Yes, we have a pair that we see now and then. I guess we'll find out how long it takes of them to find my corn! Then I'll look into electric fences....

new garden 8026 new garden 8048 new garden 8049 new garden 8054 new garden 8045

today's harvest - bok choi and salad greens

Sunday, May 25, 2014

today's harvest

harvest 8009


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