This is a journal of my home vegetable garden. Skippy and Suzie think it's their garden, but I do all the work. We're located near Boston (USDA zone 6A). I have a community garden plot and a garden in my backyard. I try to grow all of my family's vegetables using sustainable organic methods.

Friday, January 04, 2013

format changes

I am adding a new bar at the far right of this blog, an "adbar", that will include garden advertizing. Please bear with me as I work on this. It seems like it is gradually getting there, though I am still trying to adjust the spacing. I will soon also update the header. Seems like I should add a new picture of Skippy!


Blogger David Sorel said...

Dear Neighbor Zone 6er:
Absolutely totally thoroughly love your site! Sorry to have found it so late in my vegetable growing life. I am now devoted reader. Many thanks for all the hard work ... and in sharing your expertise insight talent & humor.
Happy New Year,
(D.B.A.) D. Sorel
(Just down the Road in Zone 6 Natick, MA)

January 04, 2013 12:15 PM

Blogger biobabbler said...

=) And I would vote for a LARGER shot of that cute puppy for the header. =) Good luck w/your work!

January 06, 2013 9:40 AM

Blogger kathy said...

Skippy and I are working on a BIG photo. Great idea. He really is even cuter than he looks.....

January 09, 2013 11:36 PM


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