This is a journal of my vegetable gardens. Skippy was my first dog and he thought the garden was his, even though I did all the work. Now Suzie and Charley follow in his footsteps. We're located near Boston (USDA zone 6A). I have a community plot, a backyard vegetable garden, fruit trees, berry bushes, chickens, and bees. I use sustainable organic methods and do my best to grow all of my family's vegetables myself.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sunflowers and bees

I planted my sunflower seeds too late this year and they didn't sprout. So couple weeks ago I bought some sunflower plants to make a nice row. They are short, about 3 feet tall, but blooming nicely and lots of buds coming. The bees love them. They get sooo coated with pollen its a wonder they can fly.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'd appreciate any thoughts on drying sunflower seeds. nice garden.


April 25, 2007 11:38 PM

Blogger carletongardener said...

I never get close to drying sunflower seeds for my use. The squirrels or the birds have always found them before they are ripe. This row attracted a nice flock of goldfinches who helped themselves until the squirrels finished up. I figure I'm lucky if I get a nice photo of sunflowers in full bloom. Sorry I can't help.

August 14, 2007 9:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos! I'm a beekeeper for a hobby....convinced me to plant sunflowers for my bees.

March 14, 2008 11:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi.....can you publish more photos of
flowers that produce nectar and pollen that attract bees

March 14, 2008 11:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how fare apart do i seeded sunflower/large russian?

July 22, 2008 7:07 PM


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